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Brentwood Country Club -- Brentwood Country Club Oldham Review
Review by: Chris Oldham Brentwood Country Club is a course that demands accuracy! Most all holes have the ability to turn a routine par into double bogey or higher. This club forces you to think beyond just hitting your driver off the tee. With Brentwood's long par 3's, # 4 205 yds, # 6 192 yds, & # 16 228 yds this course plays longer than the back tee listed yards of 6562. Two holes that really describe the course are # 2 & # 15! The par three 2nd is 153 yds that can be a very easy par or occasional birdie. However this hole can quickly turn into a 5 or worse with all carry over water, bunkers in the front/back & a slick green. Then you have the par five 15th....Positioning off the tee is important because the bend on the dog leg cuts just enough right that if your ball doesn't make the corner then your going to be blocked out and left with a difficult second shot. Ok let's say you made the corner ...big hitters may want to pull a 3 wood and go for the green...birdies and an occasional eagle are availble, but if the shot is not executed perfectly then your dealing with a creek in front so don't duff it, the creek to the left so don't pull it, or a pond to the right of the green that runs mid-way up the right side of the fairway that loves to gobble up fades, slices or right pushes. Windy days make this hole brutal even when you play it smart.... that final approach shot requires the player to hit a very fast green that's surrounded by 60-70% water. In summary you'll find a afternoon round @ BCC an enjoyable experience with a non stuffy country club crowd. With a little extra manicure this course has potential to rank as a five star track.
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