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Jimmie Austin Golf Course

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Brookside Golf Course -- Great for beginners
Review by: Glenn This is a great course if you're just starting out or trying to build confidence in your game. Brookside is very affordable and an easy course to walk with no hills deal with. There are only 9 holes, buy 18 and you can go around all day long. Most of the fairways are very open, particularly hole 3 which is about the widest I've ever played. The greens are small but easy to go for because they aren't guarded on most holes. If you go early you'll be looking right into the sun off hole one and won't have a chance of following your ball in flight. Experienced golfers in need of a challenge look elsewhere. The 'signature hole' only involves the water if you go off the fairway to the left and short, otherwise the 'water' guarding the hole is little more than soggy ground. A decent player can get a good confidence boost from a very affordable course. They've done a lot of work in the last year so if you haven't played it in awhile give it a look, a few things have changed for the better.
From Oklahoma