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Additional Golf Course Reviews:
D. Fairchild Wheeler Golf Course - Black Course -- Good Public Course
Review by: Patrick I have played "The Wheel" numerous times and each time my experience has been great. The conditions are good for a public couse for the most part. Sometimes in the late summer the faiways can get brown and the greens can get very chewed up. Besides that, both courses are a joy to play. The black course features some tight, shady faiways and some large hills. The back 9 of the black course is very hilly and is in my perspective the best 9 out af all 36 holes. The red course has only 4 holes that are hilly:1,9,10, and 18. These 4 holes are the most challenging on the red course but definatly the most fun to play. The rest of the holes on the red are all flat and seem repedative. They are all pretty stright and around the same legnth and design. I would reccomend playing at the wheel. The prices are good and it is not real crowded. For a public course, this is a very fun course to play.
From Fairfield, CT