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Shelby Country Club

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Shelby Country Club -- The Best Is Yet To Come!!
Review by: Anonymous I heard "through the grapevine" that there will be an absolute turnaround in the facilities at the Shelby Country Club this year (Spring 2004). New owners/managers of the clubhouse/lounge and a conscientious effort of beautifing the entire course. I hope that these are not just rumors because this could be a very attractive course were it cared for properly. I would say it would be worth another try.....
From Indiana

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Brookhills Golf Club -- Great Course
Review by: Randall Bell This is a great course for the beginner or high handicap golfer that needs practice.Not too hard and not too easy.Just right for someone wanting to improve on there game.The staff at Brookhills are very nice and polite people.The price is right also.It`s only a 9 hole course,but that is good for the beginner.Some times 18 can be too much for the beginner.I highly recomend this course.
From Springfield,Illinois