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White Hawk Golf Course -- Pace of Play/Tee Time Scheduling
Review by: Anonymous The course is great. Very challenging and in fantastic shape year-round. The problems are these: 1. Tee-times are too close together (seven minutes). Another particular problem is how the afternoon tee-times are scheduled. If you have a 10:00 tee-time, you'd better play in two hours or less (and forget stopping for a bathroom break or hot dog), because they start on #1 and #10 at noon. Typically, nine-holes should be played within 2 hours and 15 minutes (2 hours is preferable, but 2 hours and 15 minutes is typical). The noon people should tee off seven minutes AFTER the people who have the 10:00 tee-time have teed-off. Since the 10:00 tee-time people should be tee-ing off on #10 by approximately 10:15, management needs to start the afternoon times at 12:22 - 12:30. This is obvious. 2. Singles and five-somes should not be allowed on the course during peak times (Saturdays and Sundays). We had a 10:00 tee-time and had to let two single players play a result, we reached #10 at 12:05 and had to be hurried through so the noon group could start on #10. (note: there is no bathroom until #16 hole...very bad when you can't stop at the turn). 3. No pull carts allowed. This is ridiculous. The reasoning is that people "tend to pull their pull-carts onto the greens." Anyone who is that stupid will drive a golf cart too close to the green just as easily...and cause even more damage. Having said all that, management is friendly and courteous, and the course is beautiful. However, I will not be renewing my membership if the course rules are not changed as follows: 1) Afternoon tee-times (split between #1 and #10) beginning at 12:22 - 12:30, and 2) No five-somes or singles allowed on weekends. I think the tee-times should be at least 8 minutes apart, but if the above 2 rules are changed, it should alleviate some of the congestion on the course.
From Tulsa, Oklahoma