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Crown Colony Country Club -- Fair and Punishing
Review by: AMB After seeing an article in Texas Golfer a group of 5 buddies and I went and played Crown Colony. The summer rate was only 55.00 + 13 for an extra 18, quite a good deal. I had played the course about 8 years ago and it has not changed at all. We had 2 single digit HCP in the group and the others up to 20. If you look at the scorecard and see 6692 yards and chuckle you are in for a rude surprise. At Crown the course is setup exactly the opposite the way the pros like it. Fast hard greens and fairways that do not roll. Dont get me wrong the fairways are perfect but 60-70% of everyones drives roll less then 10 feet. These are by far as a collection the hardest 13 fairways to hit you will ever play. 4 of the greens are guarded by bunkers that 8-11 feet deep, very intimidating. 4 of the 5 par 3's are very very difficult. You either hit the green or take double, absolutely NO bail out. If you want a challenge or laugh at your fellow competitors as they buffoon it around the course this is it. I made 9 birdies in 3 rounds and they are there but in 1 twenty minute stretch on 4,5,6 I was 7 over. The only drawback to the course is the 18th green. It is only 14-16 feet wide for about 50 feet before it opens up in the back. Both sides have sand and it is basicly unfair and looks like t need a windmil. After the 1st day everyone just played up short and tried to get up and down. It plays 585 yards and the approach is not fun. From 155 yards my approach missed the green by 2 feet and actualy hole by 7 feet, I was dead and took 7. Even the pro said that hole needed to be redone as the green as lost 4 feet on both sides. Overall great condition, great food, great greens and fairways. Tougher then anything in Houston, including Champions on a wet day. Andrew
From Houston