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Red Maples Golf Course

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Red Maples Golf Course -- OK beginner course
Review by: James This course is VERY open. This is a great place to practice your iron shots. For me, I can go to this course and leave the woods at home. Red Maples has a pleasing setting and is fairly well maintained, although it is a short course. I have been taking my wife to this course so she can learn to play golf in an easy going atmosphere with no one pushing us. She can drop two or three balls and practice as we go. I would recommend this course to any beginner.
From Hawley, Pa.

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Shawnee Inn & Golf Resort - White/Blue Course -- Great Golf in Pennsylvania
Review by: Anonymous If you have never been to Shawnee - go. The layout is great and the staff was very friendly. There was a new academy at the entrance that is under construction, but it looks like it's going to be fantastic. For April, it's great. I'm sure it will be better as the season progresses. They also have a great special for April. Really makes it worth it. Really close to Northern New Jersey. 45 minutes.
From New Jersey