Spotsylvania Virginia Golf Courses

Fawn Lake Country Club

Additional Golf Course Reviews:
Stonehenge Golf & Country Club -- Challenging and exciting
Review by: Mark Paullin The first hole is a blind downhill dogleg left. After you are told your tee shot is fine, you reach your ball and see the shallow green protected by three bunkers. The holes continue with a creek along #2, a creek in front of and along #3. 4 is a rolling par 5, which is followed by an elevated-tee par 4, with a dog leg left on 5. # 6 is a double dog par 5, green surrounded by bunkers, again. Shelter and the clubhouse are visible on short par 3 # 7, but you must drive 200 yards of water on #8. That green looks like three dead elephants are buried there. 9 is just a 195 yard (or so) par three in full view of the deck/clubhouse. Ten is another blind dog leg right down a hill. 11 has a pond along the right side and another undulating green. 12 is a blind par 5, with two creek crossings and another shallow green. 13 is a short par 3, 14 is a short par 4, with a pond and creeks along both sides! 15 is merely a 215-yard par 3! 16 has another creek, 17 has the creek cross twice again, and 18 is just long! You will think you are on a tournament grade course and will have a great, challenging round. If you are a Club COrp of America member, get by to play this course. If you are in Richmond, join or get guest pass. The pro and staff are great, as well!
From Richmond, Virginia