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Cypresswood Golf Club - Creek Course
Cypresswood Golf Club - Cypress Course
Cypresswood Golf Club - New Course
Cypresswood Golf Club - Old Course
Cypresswood Golf Club - Tradition Course
Willow Creek Golf Club
WindRose Golf Club

Featured Golf Course Review:
WindRose Golf Club -- Upscale heading Downscale
Review by: Bob This course has so much potential. As it stands it is still one of the best courses in Houston for one thing and one thing only: Greens. It is just unfortunate that it has changed management hands several times in the last few years. In the process, each regime has focused on different things. Mostly cutting back on what the previous management did. No overseeding fairways in winter, Sand bunkers that qualify as gumbo bunkers, No restrooms on course, carts that badly need replacement. To compete with area course price points, they have dropped their average rates. What this means is more course play with less revenue. Couple this with the fact that there is less maintenance staff and no one fills in divots. Looks like a bombing campaign afterphoto on some fairways. The claim to fame is "Best greens in Houston". While this may still be true, the overall package is declining. I am concerned that even the greens may suffer as a consequence of the extra play and reduced maintenance. They used to put balls out on the range, but no more. They have some funky bag system where you lug these large red bags to the range with you. It could be so much better. Aesthetics are an afterthought. Actually, no one is thinking of aesthetics at all. I think they just keep thinking they can coast on the fumes of the reputation of their greens. Their slogan when the club opened 6 years ago was "Country Club for a day". An updated version would be more like "Mcgolf with your redneck buddies for a day".
From Houston, Texas

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Cape Royale Golf Club -- My Time At The Cape
Review by: Bob Man what a time i had....must have been out there all frickin day...that last guy was right...bring plenty of balls...oh yeah lake livingston is beautiful...i saw a great view from San Jacinto county jail...you can't actually play your ball wherever it lies....i had to break into four houses on the back nine alone...what did it was when mom and dad came home with lil johnny to find me relieving myself in the corner of there living room....hey when ya gotta go you gotta go....but they could have gotten offended by all the racial jew jokes i made while fleeing the scene....dang jews...they shouldn't be aloud to play golf...if they could keep blacks from playing for fifty years, then they should keep them filthy hook-noses out...now im rambling...sorry....well bail was reasonalbe and the meal wasn't too bad...the course looked great(well the few holes i got in did)...all and all i had a great time but i don't think i'll be back anytime soon(restraining order and all)....3 1/2 stars...
From Houston, TX

Big Spring Country Club -- its getting better
Review by: rocky larry bryan is making big steps in improving this course and the addition of the sprinkler system should aid in the improvement of the course,
From big spring