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Minikahda Club, The -- Toughlittleprivatecourse
Review by: AvidHack Minikahda Golf Course is a challenging course that places an emphasis on fairways and greens. Hole #1 is a short straight par 4 that has a lot of fancy cars sitting in a parking lot on your right. Not tough distance wise, but don't slice! Hole #2 is a longer par 4 that has Excelsior Blvd on your right. One of the tougher holes on the course, calls for long and straight. Hole #3 is a 150-170 yard par 3, with ob right and a large sloping hill left. Hit it straight. Hole #4 is a par 5 with a blind second shot up a hill. Trees everywhere (as is the case with all holes). Only the biggest hitters have shot at the green in two. Hole #5 feels like a vacation. A short par 4 that runs down a hill with a decent tee shot. Tricky little green surrounded by bunkers. Hole #6 is a par 3 over water. Trees right, about 170-190 yards depending on tee up or down. Hole #7 is a dogleg par 5 that tucks around, you guessed it, trees. Very tough to reach in two. Tee shot is intimidating. Tough green on a slope. Hole #8 is a very difficult par 3 of about 210 or so yards. Tough tiered green, and trouble everywhere. Hard to get there with an iron. Hole # 9. Semi-difficult par 5 that turns right up a steep hill. If you leave second/third shot short, you are rolling the wrong way, for about a hundred yards. Tricky green, do not leave a downhill putt! The #10 is maybe the most difficult on the course. A long narrow par 4 with trees saluting all the way. The stop at the shack seems to cause a lot of wayward tee shots. #11 is a pretty, short par 3 that is no more than 130-150 yards. The pin is often tucked on the left by a large overhanging tree. #12 is a long par 4 with a tricky approach up another hill. Not many birdies there. #13 is a long par 5 that crosses a creek on the second or third shot, usually the third. Newly designed approach shot still has trees and bunkers to deal with. Another tough birdie hole. #14 is a short par 5 that even medium hitters can find opportunities to reach in 2. Trouble on the sides (do you sense a theme?) and a tricky approach over bunkers. Best birdie chance all day. #15 comes after crossing a rickety-bridge over Excelsior blvd. That leads to a dogleg left, tough par 4. Woods left are to be avioded. #16 is a par 4 with the emphasis on accurate approach. Tricky bunkers and green await. Not too long, but tough anyway. Hole #17 is last on trip across bridge, it is a short par 4 with ob and woods left. 2nd shot is to a small green surrounded by bunkers with big trouble in the back. The final hole, #18 is a short par 4 that has the tennis players to the right off the tee. No big slices! 2nd shot approach is tricky, with tree right, bunkers left, and big trouble behind. Do not go long! When Minikahda has long rough it is very tough for most golfers. There has been a lot of course changes recently, including the removal of trees. This may have made the course easier for the members and people like me. The only way you are getting in is to be friends of a member, or play some tournament. I think Minikhada is a tough short course. If accuracy is your issue, you will struggle often.
From Minneapolis