Stevensville Maryland Golf Courses

Cove Creek Club

Additional Golf Course Reviews:
Tom Mitchell's Golf Gridiron -- Nice Backyard Course
Review by: Brett Bengerstein Their fairways are like my front yard grass, the greens are slow as molasses and the tee boxes look like a dog did them in. There are no twilight prices and no off season prices. The course is made up of mainly par 3's and 4's. All 18 is fun if you like to play the same holes over again. My advice play the back 9 because it is a lot more challenging. Nice course to kick back a few. The bright side is there carts are $5 but you might as well walk and get your moneys worth. But overall it is a prime course for someone learning to golf. But as Ferhty would say "There's no flys on that one", does not pertain to this course.
From Baltimore, MD