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Stevinson Ranch

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Stevinson Ranch -- Duffers
Review by: Douglas Fieldsted This course can make you very happy person or very upset. The course is real fun to play almost anytime of the year. The fairways are a must to hit because of the wetlands around them. You need a fairly good long drive (270+) to be able to put the ball on the green with mid to short irons. This is true on at least 65% of of the driving holes. The greens are fast and most have different types of undulations to fool the eyes. I would rate the course as worth the time it takes to get there.
From Mariposa, Ca. USofA.

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Paradise Valley Golf Course -- Great all-round play
Review by: Ted Beecher Seem like everyone is trying to create a country club out of their course. No really here. solid play, lots of variety. No really difficult holes here. Just great, solid golf. Don't get me wrong, you can find trouble, like the "hidden" water on your second shot on 10. Good compliment to the other local course (and partner course) Rancho Solano
From Vacaville, CA