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Stevinson Ranch

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Stevinson Ranch -- Duffers
Review by: Douglas Fieldsted This course can make you very happy person or very upset. The course is real fun to play almost anytime of the year. The fairways are a must to hit because of the wetlands around them. You need a fairly good long drive (270+) to be able to put the ball on the green with mid to short irons. This is true on at least 65% of of the driving holes. The greens are fast and most have different types of undulations to fool the eyes. I would rate the course as worth the time it takes to get there.
From Mariposa, Ca. USofA.

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Tilden Park Golf Course -- a hilly challenge
Review by: Clayton Pickersgill I think that it is an absolutely beautiful course, and is fairly challenging. Course knowledge is huge because of the course being so hilly. You have to be a mountain goat to walk the bloody thing. There are very few scoring oppritunities on this course and a lot of par 3's make you feel like your going for a par 5 in 2. There is a lot of fog there on most mornings, so I think that is the most beautiful time to play because it feels liike your in monterey(the greatest place in the world)!
From Pleasant Hill, CA USA