Stoneville North Carolina Golf Courses

Dan Valley Golf Course
Deep Springs Country Club
Ponderosa Golf Club

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Deep Springs Country Club -- Golf Oasis
Review by: Bert Ogburn What a treat! This place is a gold mine in the middle of nowhere--although just 40 min. from Greensboro. Love it!
From Greensboro NC

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Blair Park Golf Course -- The Swamp
Review by: Matthew Scott Never play this course if it has rained within the past week. The #1 fairway has a creek through it and when it rains... We tried to play after it had been raining for a few days. The ropes along side the fairway (a good foot to 2 feet off the ground) had garbage hanging from them everywhere. There was a baby stroller in the creek and a car tire lying in the rough just off the fairway. And the smell. We thought sewage surely must have overflowed onto the course during the flooding. My partner hit a beautiful, straight tee-shot into the dead center of the fairway. We slogged our way over to find the ball but it had disappeared. The mud must have swallowed it and then closed around it. The back nine however was on higher ground and we found it very enjoyable to play.
From High Point, NC USA