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Sunny Hill Golf Course

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Sunny Hill Golf Course -- Short
Review by: Doug Sunny Hills is a very short course all are par threes but 2 and one is about 210 yards the other is around 120or so. All the other holes range from 90 to about 120 yards, and the greens are realativly small. It is a bigginer course and its wide open. If you never played before this is an alright place to start. Or if you just want to get out it's cheap $6 to walk nine and $4 to go through again.
From Coaltownship, PA

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Cricket Hill Golf Club -- Great Course
Review by: Paul I have played some of my best rounds on this course. It starts off very well with level wide open fairways before you get to any of the doglegs. While I have never walked it, I don't believe it would be to difficult.
From Milford, PA