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Mustang Creek Golf Course

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Mustang Creek Golf Course -- Mustang Creek
Review by: Tim This was a fun little course, the key word being little. The course is challenging, with a good design. The holes are laid out in a way that has almost every hole being right beside another, with little if any room in between them. There is no wasted space on this course. Since it is only 9 holes they have 2 sets of Tee-Boxes on each hole to give you varying distances for the front and back 9. There are 2 par 3's that are right next to each other that have you shooting over some major water and somehow that seemed to get harder on the back 9 that it was on the front. All in all its a fun little course that is worth the drive. Come out early because it sure seemed to have more people as the day went on. This is a very good course to play if you are on a budget.
From Round Rock, Tx USA

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Conroe Country Club -- Triple C is the best except for the members.
Review by: Curt Conroe Country Club is a great tract. Too bad, the members there aren't the same. Every Saturday morning, Sunday afternoon, Friday afternoon, Friday morning, Thursday afternoon, and wait, oh everyday of the week, there is big game going on with at least 4 groups playing in it. Oh and there's six in a group. Talk about slow play. They have a policy of no 1 or 2somes on the weekends between ten and 3. Yet you can play five and six in a group whenever you want. And everyone has their own cart, so there are 5-6 carts per group. When they have cart path only (rarely), the course starts to look pretty good, because it limits the carts. Not all as some like to drive around the signs and ropes right into the fairway. Don't get me wrong, I love Conroe Country Club, but there needs to be some changes made starting at the top with a new President of the Board there. The guy that is president there is one of the biggest jerks there is and he plays so slow. But thats ok, because all of his "friends" are like that too. I hate ripping the club, but change is necessary here. Hopefully someone sees it here.
From Conroe, TX