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Mustang Creek Golf Course

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Mustang Creek Golf Course -- Mustang Creek
Review by: Tim This was a fun little course, the key word being little. The course is challenging, with a good design. The holes are laid out in a way that has almost every hole being right beside another, with little if any room in between them. There is no wasted space on this course. Since it is only 9 holes they have 2 sets of Tee-Boxes on each hole to give you varying distances for the front and back 9. There are 2 par 3's that are right next to each other that have you shooting over some major water and somehow that seemed to get harder on the back 9 that it was on the front. All in all its a fun little course that is worth the drive. Come out early because it sure seemed to have more people as the day went on. This is a very good course to play if you are on a budget.
From Round Rock, Tx USA

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Mulligans Golf -- It's all relative...
Review by: Michael I gave it 4 stars, but it's all relative. It's a 4-star PAR 3 COURSE. I've played two other par 3 courses in the Houston area and this one is simply the best of the 3. I think they are working to add greenside bunkers, which will make this an even more interesting play. It's not long, but it's well kept and plays great. It's a little expensive for a par 3 course, but if you're working on your short game, this is a good place to do it.
From Houston, TX