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Brushy Mountain Country Club

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Brushy Mountain Country Club -- Course in need of help
Review by: Jack Randoulph I have played many courses in this area and this course was once at a very high level. Now it has greatly deminished. The fairways are ok at best, and the once prized greens are in lackluster condition. The work that has been done seems to be minimal in areas. This course still is very challenging, but has the potential to be alot greater than it is at this time.
From Statesville, NC USA

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Brushy Mountain Country Club -- Great Course
Review by: Jim Great Course! Extremely Nice! Friendly and Helpful people! I will be Back!!!
From Taylorsville NC

Brushy Mountain Country Club -- A fine choice
Review by: D. Hendren I've played this course for 25 years and let me assure you that the course is in the best shape ever! The greens are super and receive the ball well. Fairways are full and always mowed beautifully. This is a challenging course. I wouldn't come expecting anything easy. It is very fair and rewards good shot placement. Prices are good. Don't think you can go wrong with giving this one a try!
From Taylorsville, NC