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Overpeck County Golf Course -- Please turn this track over to private management!!
Review by: John Hiers Overpeck is a county owned/operated course occupying some of the most prized real estate in Bergen County. Virtually everything about the course and it's amenities carry the stench of feckless government beaurocrats. They never open before 7:00, even in the hot summer when other courses are teeing off at 6:00 (your government at work!) They close nine holes once a week for maintenance…Why is it every other golf course manages to keep everything open all the time? The “clubhouse” is dilapidated and hasn’t been touched up since the 1960’s. They had an outdoor wooden stairway fall apart, which was under repair for almost a year. (This was a weekend job for anyone else.) There is no equipment, balls, driving range…nothing that resembles a pro shop. They refuse to cut holes in the practice putting green (that really saves them money!!) Although the original layout was interesting they have allowed some of the landing areas (such as the 7th hole) to fall into total disrepair. This is a reachable 5 par bisected by a creek at about 270 yards. The original intent was to invite the longer hitter to cozy it up to the creek and go for the green in 2. Instead the prime landing area features a drainage manhole cover strewn with rocks, weeds and a rock hard launching pad into the creek. The fabled 5th hole is equally stupid. This 430-yard par four prohibits the longer hitter from anything more than a 4 iron off the tee as the creek comes into play. The same creek requires a 270 plus carry. So one should expect to be able to cozy it up to the creek but the landing area features a huge cart/equipment path. They recently spent hundreds of thousands on an upgrade that amounted to a few mounds and bunkers, some of which were placed in bizarre fashion, i.e., the second fairway at 160 yards out from the tee. They look pretty but make no golfing sense. All in all, the upgrade initiative looks like an abandoned infrastructure project in some third world country. Yes the place is over run with geese but that’s just nature at work. As for the positives, 1 and 10 are great golf holes. 1 is the perfect starting hole, not to punitive 5 par with thoughtful tee placement for all levels. I think I can reach this in 2 but rarely do. 10 is a 415 par 4 through a tree lined shoot, over a hill to an elevated green. Great visuals. In closing, this is an over crowded, cheap place to play with a parking lot full of Mercedes and Lexus. I say turn this over to private, professional management like so many other Municipalities have and give this precious plot of land its proper place in the golf world
From North Jersey

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Overpeck County Golf Course -- Good course
Review by: A. T (90s) This is a great county course. The greens are well maintained and it's pretty challenging. You have to carry water on a number of holes.
From Cliffside Park, NJ

Overpeck County Golf Course -- Course saturated with golfers and geese on weekends!
Review by: Golf Enthusiast I went to Overpeck on a Sat. afternoon without a tee-time and was paired up within an hour (so up until this point, not bad at all.) However, once on the course, it was like grid lock on the Jersey Turnpike. Additionally, there is an abundance of geese. In short, for the price point that they charge, I was not satisfied and will not return here. The course was saturated with golfers and 'that' which is associated with geese. Because of the lethargic pace of golf, I never made it to the back side, but I would rate the front side a '2' on a scale of 1 - 10 (10 best).
From JC, NJ