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Twin City Country Club

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Goshen Plantation Golf Club -- unsatisfactory
Review by: Adam A. Phillips This comment will be short and sour. Upon our arrival we were greeted by cart handlers offering transportation for our group of three players and a matron of ceremony. Although we arrived well before our scheduled tee time we were herded to the first tee in order to sqeeze in a player that was late. In my opinion the times were set for players too closely and with no consideration for handicap. My party struggled to keep an obvious pace of the course. It was on the back nine when my party was approched with an idea of closing a two-hole gap to increase the course's revenue instead of my enjoyment. I looked at my son and calmly left from that very hole. If my time is going to be compromised I will be getting paid, not paying for it. The realization that your course has been infested by money makers instead of sportsmen with a love of the game was disappointing and the chance of our return to your establishment is dependent upon the reactions of this response.
From USA