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Hunter's Station Golf Course

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Hunter's Station Golf Course -- A REAL challenge
Review by: Keith Not only did I get to borrow clubs for free but the $14 per round went down to $10 when I explained that we don't use pacemaker buggies but WALK in Europe to play golf. I found about 12 balls per round too to boot. Absolutely fabulous golf - I made the trip from Oil City and played 3 times in a week - and the view and shot from the 7th is just impossible. The Allegheny River view impossibly beautiful and the damned tennis court sized green a way down below on a cliff edge - and I got it 3 times yipee!. Super golf and I recommend any golfer not to pass up on Hunters Station if in the region - but DO walk please. It isn't Arizona in Pennaland.
From Isle of Man

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River Forest Country Club -- River Forest: A golfer's Golf Course.
Review by: Bruce Linderman Probably one of the most maligned course in Western Pennsylvania, and for good reason: River Forest is a very difficult layout, and not for Patzers who want to roll it up for a par or bogey, and not for long drivers who can find themselves with a 2 stroke penalty quickly. The course seems to have an uncanny, and sometimes eerie ability to locate and humble arrogant and inattentive golfers with triple or quadruple bogeys. Designed by original owner Wynn Treadway in the mid 60's, this classical purist believed in the straight ball and excellent short-game skills. Isn't that what golf should be about? Each par four has a specific landing area for the drives, otherwise one is penalized with line of sight problems or an uneven stance. This is usually followed by small, bunkered greens that require excellent putting skills. Although the par fives give some relief(At this point in your round, it is much welcomed!)the same applies to those greens as well. And these greens are more undulated than usual, to say the least, but that is the central character of this most challenging and beautiful golf course. If you like flat greens and wide fairways for your Jumbo driver, there are plenty of Public courses in the area for you. However,if you are a golfer and want to play the game as it should be played, then River Forest is for you. Just remember to bring your A game, some good wedges and just a little respect for an excellent golf course that, when you play well, it really means something. Beautiful is the word, so make sure you take a lot of time to look at the scenery. This usually has a calming affect that can enhance one's performance. Couple this with an extremely friendly and attentive clubhouse staff, will result in an exceptional golfing experience.
From New Kensington, Pennsylvania