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Big Bend Golf Course

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Big Bend Golf Course -- Noisy, junky
Review by: David Litton This is the first course I've ever played where I had to endure incessant, deafening train horns! It turns out that one of the busiest rail spurs in the country has a siding adjacent to the course, hauling coal out of the mountains. The road from Charleston is just horrible. Along the way, visitors are subjected to junked vehicles everywhere. Many fellows go to this course to load up on beer before playing, and after playing. It's just terrible.
From Bethesda, Maryland

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Scarlet Oaks Country Club -- Golfscript
Review by: Anonymous The golf course is looking better (4-20-04) however the changes that have occurred in recent weeks are making the course less friendly for our up-and-coming middle school students. A cart is manditory and an age of 16 (drivers license) is required so young men (and women) who are under 16 cannot come to the course and play or practice there as a team. The same concern is not evident with our over 21 players who choose to drink (heavily) and drive carts. It seems that they have special privileges to drink and drive. For a family experience, I would suggest membership in a more private setting.
From Nitro, WV