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Dyer Country Club

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Wright-Patterson Golf Club - West Course -- Prarie Trace? are in for a long day
Review by: Patrick Prarie Trace has two golf courses. One little short 9 hole course and one 18 hole course. I wouldn't suggest playing either course during the weekend unless you got lots of time. It took me 2 hours and 50 minutes just to get through nine holes. The management doesn't seem to care either. They don't have rangers going around to keep people on pace. One reason as to why the course moves so slowly is because the ninth hole is not located near the pro shop. Its about a 1.5 mile walk back to the pro shop from the 9th hole on the 18 hole course. The 18 hole course is fun to play. A lot of short par 4's and 5's, but the long par 3's make up for it. The 9 hole course has one par 5, but all the holes are really short, including the par 4's. Several of the can be driven if you can hit about 250-270. My recommendation is...go find somewhere else to play unless you don't feel like spending the money and you have lots of time on your hands.
From Pueblo, CO