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Quaker Neck Golf Course

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Bradford Creek Golf Club -- bradford creek...a nice course
Review by: Don Millner This is a very nice little course. I reccomend playing from the blues to stretchit out a little. The course is wide open for the most part and would seem to be relatively easy...but as the winds blow this course takes on a totally different feel. Hole #2 is a par 5 that will play as a par 5....Guarenteed no 2nd shots will reach the green....Hole #6 A pretty descent length par 4...but the wind will make this an everything you got to get it there in 2.....Hole #9 is also in the wind and will require a long iron....Hole #12 Its a par 4 but hang it up you will be hitting a 3rd shot to the green...Hole 13...same will have to grip it and rip it to see the green in 2....Hole #15 is a short little par 4 and could be driven but the surrounding bunkers will make you lay up and play the smart shot.....As i stated all of this critique is written with the winds blowing a little which is the case alot of the time at Bradford Creek....Great little course at a great little price....Say Hi to Gus and ask him about the weather....Have a great round!!
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