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Bolado Park Golf Club

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Wilcox Oaks Golf Club -- Nice course, Excellent pace
Review by: Darrin I am not currently a member, but I have played this course a half dozen times or more. I am considering a membership. The front nine is not difficult, but there are hidden challenges due to the slope of the terrain. The back nine is fairly difficult. I am a 13 handicap and have had the opportunity to play what I would consider some very nice golf courses: The Olympic Course at Gold Mountain in WA, TPC at the Woodlands in TX, Tour 18 outside of Houston. This course is in as good as shape as those courses. Where it lacks a little is in the defining type holes and the ameninities but not necessities of a golf course, i.e. Stately clubhouse, flowers etc. Where this course really shines is in its pace of play combined with the condition of the course. I have played 36 holes in 5 1/2 hours. On most public courses I have played a 4 1/2 hour round of 18 is the rule not the exception. All in all I really like this club/course.
From Cottonwood, CA