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Trona Golf Course

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Trona Golf Course -- Tronal Golf Course
Review by: Trona Golf Course- a unique golfing experience for the seasoned golfer. Imagine trying to play out of a sand trap for the entire duration of the match... challenging, very challenging. Planning to play golf in the Phoenix/Tuscon area? The Trona Golf Course is the perfect place to become acclimated to the dry heat of the desert. If you can play here, you can play anywhere!!!
From Minnesota

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Deep Cliff Golf Course -- Scenic gem
Review by: Anonymous Deep Cliff is a beautiful relaxing course where high handicappers can feel comfortable and enjoy the game and the great scenery. Quail and deer escort you along this course with it's moderate elevation changes, scenic water, and sparse bunkers. Low handicappers and those looking for a tougher challenge then the norm probably won't appreciate the gem that is Deep Cliff.
From Anonymous