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Trona Golf Course

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Trona Golf Course -- Tronal Golf Course
Review by: Trona Golf Course- a unique golfing experience for the seasoned golfer. Imagine trying to play out of a sand trap for the entire duration of the match... challenging, very challenging. Planning to play golf in the Phoenix/Tuscon area? The Trona Golf Course is the perfect place to become acclimated to the dry heat of the desert. If you can play here, you can play anywhere!!!
From Minnesota

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Knollwood Golf Course -- Nice Course!
Review by: Jim I used to play this course when I was at graduate school at USC. We would look forward to those days about once a month when we could make our way up north to play Knollwood. I was able to play it again recently on a vacation and was very pleased with the improvements to the facilities. The course condition was very good. For strategy, this course has rolling terrain making club selection important. It is easy to get into trouble on some of the narrow fairways. For municipal golf it's hard to beat Knollwood.
From Alexandria, VA