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Tunnel Hill Golf Course

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Tunnel Hill Golf Course -- Cow pasture pool
Review by: Estaban DeJesus Would be kind for this track. It has been around for years and is best known for the games played in the clubhouse than on the course, five card stud, etc. It is a good beginners course and would be a first rate public course if anyone ever owned it that wanted it to be that. It would be ideal for an 18 hole lighter par 3.
From Dalton, GA

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Uncle Remus Golf Course -- callas
Review by: Daniel Starch I did not enjoy my exprience at Uncle Remus Golf Course. The only thing that was good about the course were the greens. The rest of it just totally stunk. The fairways were horrible, the tee boxes were horrible, and even the corse layout was horrible. The staff is not very welcoming. Thir is no real cart path, it is all pretty much mud and gravel. so if you looking for a cheap place to play, dont go here because it is not worth 18 bucks.
From Atlanta Georgia