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Gleneagles Golf Club

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Gleneagles Golf Club -- well manicured golf course
Review by: Anonymous The golf carts are new & state of the art...The Tee boxes are well marked & each tee has a ball washer & rubbish can.Designated yardage is easy to locate. The fairways are well defined & cut as to show where fairway ends and secondary roughs begin. The makers are easy to see as well as yardage on sprinkler heads. The sandtraps are well maintained...have raked sand and rakes for maintaing them. The Greens are nice size & at a speed of about 10 & have been rolled nicely. The difficulty i see is knowing the greens & their undulations. The course is not long but not short either. In all i rate this course as an A- to B+...Fun to learn & look forward to playing again.
From Anonymous

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Painesville Country Club -- Just an nice play to play golf !!
Review by: Bob Perry When you start to play Painesville Country Club you are reminded of how old courses used to be designed and how Arnie and his cronies use to enjoy just being here. The front nine is somewhat open with a tree or bush here and there to keep you in the game. This first hole is a 5 par that you need to hit the ball straight to setup your next shot to the top of hill and just a nice 9-iron to the green. The back nine takes you into a different world of golf which calls for accuracy and "golf course management", trees line each hole and force you to think about your next shot. Famous for it's 11 hole, a nice 3 par that is over 200 yards that are all downhill and lined with trees on both sides. When you finally get out of the woods, you have the last two holes (5 pars) to play. The course is in beautiful shape and the greens are closed to being the "truest" one can putt on. Only thing that is missing on the course is a few more sand traps to make it a complete adventure. Thanks to the Management and Groundcrew for making this a great place to play golf on a sunny day.
From Mayfield Hts., Ohio