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Southwyck Golf Club -- Sand Traps (Mud Traps), Fairways, Etc
Review by: Pearland Golfer Southwyck has shown some improvement since being bought by Arnold Palmer Course Management but still has ways to go to regain rating. Sand traps are a mess. Large number of traps on course and they are poorly maintained. Almost always wet and muddy and practically unplayable. One trap on 5th hole had enough water in it for ducks to be swimming in it. This is not only caused by poor drainage but watering of greens. Unless something is done soon they will never improve. Also several fairways (2nd and 8th) are getting smaller due to dirt falling into lake. Overall management of the course seems to be geared to do nothing on these mattters! Also rounds get too slow. Some over 5 hours!!! Since cancellation of meals with round, there are better out there.
From Pearland