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Skyline Ranch

Additional Golf Course Reviews:
Chuck Corica Golf Complex - The South - Jack Clark Course -- Good golf for the money
Review by: Guy Blume All in all for a muni course, it's pretty good. The South Course, Jack Clark, is not as pretty as the North Course, Earl Fry, but then again there's less water on the South. It gets a little windy in the afternoon so don't forget to take one or two clubs when the wind is in your face. If you do not consistantly play your driver well, leave it in the bag because the treelined and fairway waste bunkered fairways will spank you. You're much better off with a 3 wood or your favorite mid iron off the tee. OB is a little close to the 9th green for my bogey golf taste, but the course is very fair to the average golfer. The Kikuya? grass tends to grab the ball so chipping or pitching the ball up from the apron is a good idea as opposed to putting or a bump and run shot when close to the green. Afterwards, the Legends Bar & Grill is a perfect way to have a fair-priced tasty meal after an affordable round of golf. Some of the fairways lack grass here and there, but hey, don't forget, it's a muni.
From San Mateo, CA