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Bloomingdale Golfers Club -- No Walking, No Thanks
Review by: TankerLawyer The new owner of the Bloomingdale Golfers Club has decided that members can no longer walk the course. Well, I'm going to walk....away from this course forever. I live on the course and the decision to purchase our home was made in large part by our ability to join the club and walk the course. By implementing this policy, they are in breach of contract with their members. Without being able to walk, there are no benefits to membership and I'm not paying the green fees that they charge to play on a course with greens and tee boxes in such hideous condition as those on this course. Save your money or play somewhere else!
From Valrico

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River Hills Country Club -- Resident who loves to live here
Review by: Jim Dixon Even though I haven't golfed RiverHills since it has become a private course - I think it is one of the best courses around in SW Tampa. As a resident that lives between holes 7 and 15 - I love the layout, the length and condition of the course.
From Valrico, FL USA

Buckhorn Springs Golf & Country Club -- Not boring!
Review by: Dan Hopp After having played this course, I can only say, it is not boring. Holes run all directions. Course is well maintained, and well run. The people are very friendly, and treated me well beyond my expectations. I would move here tomorrow.
From Waupun, WI