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Midlane Country Club - Back/Front Course
Midlane Country Club - Front/Middle Course
Midlane Country Club - Middle/Back Course

Additional Golf Course Reviews:
Antioch Golf Club -- One of the Best Buys
Review by: SJC This course is one of the best buys that I know. You can often play it week days or week ends for less than $20. One of the best conditioned courses for the money and it is open all year. Great staff and restaurant, pro shop and bar. Rarely affected by rain. Not as crowded as some courses. Practice facilities are limited to a netted hitting area and putting green. Greens are generally excellent and hold good shots. Sometimes because of the care given them, the greens are aerated, and only then are they fair. The key to playing well on this course is to hit it straight, making sure that your tee shot is in the fairway and not OB and your next shot is not obstructed by trees. On each tee shot think about not using your driver and placing your ball in scoring range, not just as close to the hole as you can, although several of the par 4s can be reached by the very long and very accurate off the tee. For example, the 2nd hole, a short par five, is reachable in two but the shot is blind and the small green is guarded by traps left and right and trees. Better to lay up to your scoring wedge distance and stick it close for a birdie. The same is true for a slightly longer par five 7th hole. The front nine is easier than the back which has three tight challenging holes in a row, the 14th, 15th and 16th. The 14th is a long, very tight par five, which requires a very accurate iron or fairway metal off the tee (only the very lucky can place a driver in the fairway and some play the hole from the 7th hole fairway). On the left is OB and woods and the rough on the right is forty foot tall trees. The second shot requires a long tight shot clearing a creek and ravine or laying it up for a long third shot. Any deviation from straight and it's a bogey, lost ball or worse. The 15th is a tight 4 with OB on the left and a huge tree on the right that must be avoided, for a clear shot to a long narrow green guarded by traps and trees right and left. The 16th is one of the most unusual holes that I have ever played, with a 90 degree dogleg, water, slopping green, that I think is best played by laying up off the tee to keep the ball in play and hitting a long iron or fairway wood over the large pond into the large green. Two of the four par 3s have very small greens guarded by traps. But, the 9th hole par 3 green is huge, but two tiered, and occassionally, the greens keepers place the hole on the slope (I have sometimes seen tougher pin placements on this course than the final round of the US Open). One par 3 is relatively short with a huge green but must be reached by clearing a large pond. Again, traps right, left and back. Overall, a playable, enjoyable course for beginners and a very affordable, sporty course for the better players. Can be walked, but some long distances between holes. Water or creeks on eleven of the holes, with herons, geese, ducks and other waterfowl. Houses line many of the fairways.
From Northern IL