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Redgate Golf Course -- Golfers will love it, hackers will hate it.
Review by: Maryland Mike The first person who ever described the course to me said "I hated it, they should pay you to play it, it is hilly, lot's of trees, blind shots and forced carries". While his description of the course is accurate, I think he missed the point. IMHO, the measure of a golf courses is how much it challenges a player (and how well maintained it is). God bless my friend, but if Redgate's difficulty keeps slow players away, it just adds to the success. Redgate is a beautiful, very well maintained golf course. It offers tough but fair holes. Play smart and strike the ball well, you can score, miss the short stuff and it will be a long round. I would give this 5 stars when compared to other munis. The greens are challenging but smooth (thank you). While some holes are fairly open, most are bordered by woods and many have carries. This is a course with several holes that would be Ďsignature holesí for most munis, but I will describe my 2 favs, the par 4th and 16th, both par 5s. It is interesting to note that the 16th green overlooks the 4th green. Hole no. 4 has 2 ponds in play off the tee (in front and to the left). If you can CARRY your driver 300 yards (no exaggeration), go for it, but laying it up at about 215 yards is really the only way to go. Your second shot will also be a layup. The green is hidden until you are within 120 yards and there is a drop off of about 40 feet to the green, which is protected by a creek and a steep, overgrown, rocky incline to the front (80 yard carry from the top of the hill overlooking the green). The green is sloped steeply towards the creek and can be quite fast depending on pin placement. Hole no. 16 is kind of the reverse of no. 4, but has itís own challenges. Once again the tee shot is a layup of 215-230, driver here will put you in a marsh that is hidden from the tee because it is at the bottom of another 40 foot drop off, which leads to a 40 foot hill, on top of which sits the long and narrow green. The green is guarded by trees and a long bunker on the left, and a steep hill to the right. From the lay up first shot, you have two choices, one a risk/reward the other safe/but leaves a tough third shot. Risk/reward, the center of the elevated green is 260, but there is a small landing runway in front at about 225. Make this shot and birdie is a real possibility, miss it short (into the face of a steep hill) or right or left and you are done. Safe shot is to a landing area in the gully in front of the marsh (umm, maybe safe isnít the right description).
From Silver Spring