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McKenzie River Golf Course

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McKenzie River Golf Course -- Absolutely Wonderful
Review by: Jase This is one of the most beautiful courses that I have ever played on. Although not extremely long, it is very pretty and is quite challenging with all of the narrow fairways. I would recommend it to anyone.
From Toledo, OR USA

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McKenzie River Golf Course -- Great Golf Course
Review by: Bill I really enjoyed playing this course! It has split tees, so you play the whites on the front and yellows on the back. This still gave me enough variety when I played 18. I love hole number 7. It is a slight dog-leg right par 5. All the holes are great! The service was very friendly. When I was there, I felt like I was someplace else. It offers the best of natural sights. It is tucked in the McKenzie Valley and the McKenzie River is a gorgeous sight. You can see it on holes 4,5, and 7. The only thing I didn't like was when I didn't get up on the raised green on number nine. Although I do have to admit that it was funny watching it go into the creek twice, and the other people in my group stuck it close to the pin. McKenzie River Golf Course was of great value and I suggest to people to go and play there in the winter, spring, summer, and fall. It is golfable year round, because the fairways stay very firm considering that it rains in the fall and winter.
From Eugene, OR USA

McKenzie River Golf Course -- Great Course
Review by: Jake I enjoyed this course very much! I love the way the course plays through the summer and even in the winter. The fairways stay very firm considering how much rain there is, in the McKenzie Valley. Myself and my group usually play 18 holes, and on average we can make the turn in two hours. This way I can get my weekend golf in, at a very nice course and not have to be there for five or more hours. Although the course is not very lengthy, I was still challenged and enjoyed my experience at a wonderful golf course.
From Eugene, OR (USA)