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Del-Mar Golf Course
Stonecrest Golf Course

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Stonecrest Golf Course -- Better Every Year
Review by: Jerry Stonecrest Golf Course is getting better every year. It's a beautiful course to walk or ride. The food is very good, too. Easy access from turnpike.
From Pittsburgh

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Warminster's Five Ponds Golf Club -- New Rules / Bad Business - 2005
Review by: G. M. G. Walkers are now discouraged as a cart is mandatory up to twilight time, carts used to be mandatory up to 1pm. A golfer may walk but must pay cart rate, hardly gentle pursuasion. Twilight time is now 4pm until August 31, making it practically impossible to complete a round in daylight, last year it was 3pm. The time between tee times has been reduced to eight minutes in an effort to cram more golfers into an already cramped course. While the course itself is a good challenge and mostly enjoyable, unfortunately greed has been put before golfer satisfaction and repeat business. I played last Saturday, teed off at 4pm, played the last two holes in semi-darkness, finished at 8.25pm, the two people I was playing with "finished" after 16 holes as they did not feel able to finish proper due to near darkness. I will be seeking other courses to play in the future.
From Doylestown, PA