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St. Helens Golf Course

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St. Helens Golf Course -- Great Beginner Course
Review by: Dan This is a great beginner course due to it's no frills, straight forward approach and sense of direction. You can take your time setting up your shot without fear of the local marshals hurrying your game. Plus the view and the fresh air are a welcome relief from the day to day hub of the city.
From Sacramento, California

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Cottonwood Lakes Golf Course -- Iron Work?
Review by: Anonymous Great course to work on your irons. Don't be to bothered by your putting...the greens a ok but it seems no one who plays here can repair ball marks on greens. A perfect, affordable way to work on your short irons in a game situation and a fun course to take a young first time golfer to, but please repair your ball marks on greens. Also note: Cottonwood Lakes has a fine driving range.
From Salem