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Venango Trail Golf Club

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Venango Trail Golf Club -- Not for the weak or the wimpy
Review by: Jarred This is not for the pampered sort. The tee boxes are usually chewed up and the greens don't get mowed as often as they should. It's not long, but it's narrow and the greens are small. If you stick with it, it'll give you every different lie a golfer can experience and make you better for it. And the price is right (except for the beer).
From Cranberry PA

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Four Seasons Golf Club -- I do like this course
Review by: Paul It may be little challenge, but I am not a good golfer. My daughter is much better than I am. She is 14 going on 21!! This course teaches her a lot about the basics of golf. It is very easy to play and the exercise is worth the time and money. I suggest this to those who need to learn to play the game. If you are really good, then this course may be to easy for you
From Fairfield County, CT