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Wasco Valley Rose Champions Golf Club

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Wasco Valley Rose Champions Golf Club -- great course
Review by: Eric Tessandori For being a public course, Wasco Valley Rose golf club is a good course to play. The fairways are covered in good grass which is something not found in most munis around town. While hardpan gives me a sense of confidence because it allows me to hit 360 off the tee it sucks having to hit your second from it. The grass around the green needs some work but overall is respectable. The real sweet spot of the course is its greens. The greens are some of the best I have played on. They do not look quite as uniform or prestine as a high dollar private C.C., but they always run true and hold. The county courses in Kern County in comparison have the worst greens I have ever seen. After playing a round at North Kern in bakersfield you appreciate just how good the greens are at wasco. Simply put Wasco Valley Rose golf course is a great place to play for the beginner to skilled player.
From Bakersfield, CA

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Palo Alto Municipal Golf Course -- Pretty Good course for beginners
Review by: Ashwin Kashyap I play this course at least once every month. It's a decent course for golfers with handicap 20 and up. The fairways are wide and holes are not that long so it is very forgiving and make bad golfers feel good. I don't think it is easy by any means because the wind can play a big role in almost every shot. You really have to choose the right club: you could be hitting a pw or a 5 iron for 150 yards depending on the direction of the wind. I have to say that the fairways are in great condition. it's one of the courses where you get a nice divot (makes you feel good). There aren't too many bunkers. There isn't any real water trouble like in Shoreline. There are some dog leg holes which are pretty interesting. Bottom line: If you don't like the wind, don't play twilight since the wind picks up in the afternoon.
From San Francisco, CA