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Orchard Hills Golf Club

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Orchard Hills Golf Club -- Orchard Hills
Review by: Tiger Woods Orchard Hill Golf course
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Flowing Lake Golf Course -- Hitting the Ball at Flowing Lake Golf Course
Review by: George Nicholas If you are up for the drive (depending on traffic, 1-1.5 hrs NE of Seattle), Flowing Lake is a very nice "short" course; there are no par 5s, and you can finish 18 holes in 3 hours. Tucked away in the scenic foothills of the Cascades, on a clear day, some prominent snowy peaks (Pilchuck, White Horse) are visible from several of the fairways. The course is hilly, there is plenty of water (to avoid) and you'll get some exercise "hiking" the 3rd and 12th holes. You'll know you've lived a clean life if your ball doesn't roll all the way back down the hill if you fail to drive the green on those two holes. The 11th is the wildest par three you'll ever play! I've actually t'd off on 11 using a putter - and landed the green!! No sense in me describing it; you have to experience it first hand. FL is low traffic with friendly staff and VERY reasonable greens fees; <$20 for 18 holes. Over the years, I have brought friends & business clients visiting Seattle (from all over the world) out there; never a dissapointment, always enjoyable.
From Everett, WA