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Settlers Bay
Sleepy Hollow Golf Course

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Settlers Bay -- nice golf course
Review by: Adam Palmer I have only played at a few golf course's in alaska ,but this is one of the nicest ones, well excally is is the best. There very nice people there and the greens are nice to. I would reccomend this golf course to any one that lives in alaska, even if you dont and you are here for vacation or something and you like golf this is the place to go.
From silla, AK USA

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Settlers Bay -- hello how are you doing today?
Review by: Bob The Builder fldahghreouaroaknlkghlauroeuahgdlbvknalfjdslaureohgahvbnlsdfajlsauroehghksajfkldbnvlksjflhoewura
From Wasilla, AK USA

Sleepy Hollow Golf Course -- Lax course
Review by: Sunny Very high growth in the rough, sometimes even thorny. Careful tracking your ball out of bounds. Otherwise, a laid back course. Relatively cheap. Traps nonexistent or unmaintained. No water hazards as this site proclaims. Some of the employees cynical, even bordering on rude.
From Eagle River, AK