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Pontiac Country Club
Silver Lake Golf Club

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Silver Lake Golf Club -- It's okay
Review by: Ed Davis I like the course. It is an easy way to work on your short game and work on your putting. A long ball won't do you much good here, but sometimes, especially after a rain, neither will landing a fairway. The fairways, due to the water table in the area I suppose, are often in poor shape and can make for some tougher approach shots than you'd expect for avoiding the rough. Still, it's an enjoyable, fun course that's easy on the wallet and tough on your putting.
From Clarkston, Michigan

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Hadley Acres -- Don't Golf HEAR!! at Green Acres!!
Review by: Joe Madison Let me tell you about this course. The first 9 holes are all elevated greens (because the owner is a retired shop worker and can't afford real greens) The fairways are hard pan with little or no irrigation. Every green is a bowl and do not roll true. The seventh hole is a par 3 201yds up hill and the course owner rates the whole as number 6??? You are hitting up hill 200yds to a green that's hard pan and about the size of a kitchen table (not kidding) I don't think this was done on purpose but rather out of laziness to cut the green back to it's original size. The back nine is laid out much better but not well maintenanced. As far as the customer service goes? well it doesn't exists!! Golf Etiquette does not exists at this course. So if you want to know what it would be like to golf in a third world country then Hadley Acres is for you. I guess I should have know by the name HUH? I think it would be more accurate if it was Green Acres.
From Grand Blanc MI USA