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Turkey Run Golf Club

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Turkey Run Golf Club -- What do want for practically nothing?
Review by: D. Bogey Browne ***+ (3 & 1/2 stars actually) Fun course. Typical country course conditions, but with better than avg. scenery. Relaxing 19th hole. Friendly helpful folks. Shade and soil make for tough maintenance, just roll-it-over and you'll enjoy the day. Greens range from mild to tough, with a median of kind of tough. One little par 4, with just about a 90 degree, exit stage left dogleg. Club selection off the tee, determines whether you'll have a shot to the green. Rarely slow play, but you can hunt mushrooms (April/May) while waiting on the group ahead of you, an added bonus! Plenty of wildlife, especially early mornings, and evenings. State parks a Nature Conservancy, a nice camping/fishing lake and a major state reservoir all within 20 miles. Lots of Amish folks/farms too, if you like to visit previous century farming practices, or want to learn how to grow a really good producing vegetable garden. Be prepared to ford creeks, as some crossings lack a covered bridge.
From W. Lafayette, In.

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Turkey Run Golf Club -- Run Turkey Run
Review by: Peter Draggin This course is worth the price and can be somewhat difficult to score upon. There aren't many if any sand traps around the greens and various holes have ponds, making it that more difficult.
From Indiana

Turkey Run Golf Club -- Decent play at a fair price.
Review by: Cuvburn The golf course was challenging, and yet the price was very reasonable. Greens needed a little bit of work, but the weather may have been a major factor in that.
From Terre Haute, Indiana