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Trinity Alps Golf & Country Club -- Trinity Alps Golf & Country Club
Review by: Chris The Trinity Alps Golf & Country Club was neglected by its previous owners. The course was in terrible shape last summer. However it has new owners now that are quickly bringing the course together. I am on the golf team at the High School and I play at the course every day. The course is very challenging due to the trees that line the fairways, and the course is not long. Holes 1 and 2 are short par 3's, with small greens like the rest of the course, and are probably the easiest holes. Hole 3 is a good solid hole with its difficulty lying in the approach shot. Hole 4 is the most difficult hole on the course. The fairway slants towards a steep out of bounds hill on the left, and this slant devours balls that are put in the middle of the fairway. Hole 5 is extremely short, a light pithing wedge from the tee, if that. Hole 6 is fairly easy if your drive is straight. Two ponds come in two play on hole 7. It is a short par 3 and you must clear the first pond from the tee. across the pond lies the green, overshadowed on the left by a huge oak tree. Anything left of the green will be swallowed by the other pond on the course, so don't hook your shot. Hole 8 is a long par 3, but it is easy. Only one bunker short of the green lies between you and a birdie. Finally, Hole 9 is the longest hole on the course. A par four. A wide fairway awaits you, however, so does a jungle of trees just to the right of the fairway if you slice your shot too bad. Once in those trees, a hundred yards or so to the green, it will take you a good three more shots to get there through the jungle of wood in your way, so keep your tee shot left. Just in front of the green stand a large pine tree and a large oak right next to it, and the only way onto the green is if your aproach shot is coming from the left. This is a great course to golf, and would be spectacular if the course was in better condition.
From Weaverville, CA USA

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Franklin Canyon Golf Course -- The American Golf Course Smells Like CRAP!
Review by: Chip Our tournament scheduled a 90 player modified back nine shotgun and these clowns (American Golf Company?) totally screwed it up! We will never return to this miserable cow pasture of a course. The course was like a SANDBOX, from aerification and they did not notify us of the situation, nor did they attempt to rectify our pain and suffering. The tournament director was unable to correct the wrongs, the assistant general manager was unable to address our concerns, since she stated that there was no way that we could get a refund because the tournament had been closed-out, (whatever that means) and the general manager was out golfing at another course. As we sat in our carts adjacent to the club house, a strong odor was emitting from the cesspool located just behind the #9 green and next to the clubhouse. Several of us were gagging so bad, we were dry heaving and tears were running down our cheeks; it was like someone had taken a dump on the seat right next to you. Extremely unhealthy conditions for anyone; the Health Department needs to shut this course down and declare it a toxic dump. This course isn't worth the drive from the peninsula and if I wanted to smell what I smelled there, I'll go to the Greyhound Bus Station in the downtown area of Oakland, California. I tried to give this course 'negative stars' but the system program wouldn't let me.
From The Peninsula, CA USA