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Lakeview Golf Club -- Lakeview Golf Club
Review by: College Student in Wenham, MA This is a short course that provides wide hitting areas as well as low greens fees. This is a great place for young or inexperienced golfers who are looking to play a fun, low stress round of golf. Some short par 3's, and a very short (207 yd) par four give everyone an opportunity to score well. It's a low cost club without strict dress codes, which makes it a great course for families and children. If you are looking for a challenging course, this isn't it but Lakeview provides a great round of fun, cheap golf.
From Vermont

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Duxbury Yacht Club -- Elitist? Buffy and Skip? What has this to do with Golf?
Review by: Anonymous I don't understand the " Buffy and Skip" reference at all...... Stuffy? Elitist? I don't get it. This is a golf course... and has it's own set of rules and etiquette.. I wouldn't know why anyone would be "put off" by abiding to those rules of etiquette: play golf,have fun and be extremely: pleasant in voice and vision to the senses. PLEASANT TO THE SENSES: VISUAL AND AUDIO. This has nothing to do with elitist. It has to do with making the best of life. Enjoy your golf and your life.
From Anonymous