West Covina California Golf Courses

South Hills Country Club

Additional Golf Course Reviews:
Jack Tone Golf -- Not your average course
Review by: Dan Kaiser Although there are several par 4's which you can use a driver on,there are several par 3, 85 to 105 yard holes too!!! This 85 yard type of hole was new to me but it really stresses ones iron play!!! Teeing off with a pitching wedge was something new to me but that could quite possibly be more challenging than teeing off on a par 5 with ones driver!!! Lots of fun on this course. New golfers shouldn't go on busy days because this course although easily walked is often used by cart users and they get moody and so does the marshal who is not to friendly anyway, even on a good day,but go there and you will have lots of fun...I guarentee it!!! Happy Golfing
From Manteca, Calif.