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Woodhaven Park Golf Course

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Chenango Valley State Golf Course -- Chenango Valley State G.C. Review
Review by: Ryan White When the greens are upkept and the play is quick this course is one of the best values in the Binghamton area. You can and better post good scores on holes 1, 3, 5, 6, 8, 9 b/c 2, 4, and 7 are holes that can cost you strokes big time. 2-Long par 4, where par is a good score, if you lose your tee shot to the left it's O.B. if you do it to the right you can land in a huge downhill slope of woods. If your tee shot is good then you will likely have an uneven lie on the fairway with which to hit a long iron in. The green is steeply sloped front to back and makes for some very challenging putts. 4-Make sure you hit your tee shot down the middle or it's over. Same with your second shot...if you lose it to the right you are shooting 120 yards uphill and over 140 foot tall trees...not good. Again the green is steeply sloped. 7-In the summer this is ok b/c the ball rolls, on a rainy day...just hope for par. It's about 1000 yards long and straight. The green here is moderately sloped, but after all the walking you have to do just to get there you may forget what putting means.
From College Park, MD