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Willow Run Golf Club -- Willow Run Golf Course
Review by: Dan Willow Run Golf Course is a fairly nice course with come challenging holes. Woods lining fairways and water always lerking not to far away, there is a challenge on every hole. Multiple par 5's add distance to the course while the shorter par 3's allow you to work on your short irons. They look easy and short, but wait until you play them, you'll be surprised. The course is nice and all, but the fairways aren't the greatest in the world. Some of them are really beat up and full of divits, ball holes, and just really unlevel. The fairways almost need to be rolled flat with a roller they're so bad. Don't let this discourage you however, this is a nice overall course and these factors make up for an interesting round of golf. It is suitable for all levels of the game and all ages. Come out and experience Willow Run Golf Course in Wisconsin!
From Waukesha, Wisconsin