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Great Hope Golf Course

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Blue Mash Golf Club -- Wonderful layout
Review by: Ted Alden This is a superbly designed course which makes the best of a mixed piece of land that includes some beautiful wooded areas but is also bisected by a rather ugly power line. As first-timers on Blue Mash, my Dad and I were fortunate to be joined be an experienced player. It would otherwise have been extremely difficult to know where to drive on many holes. While the course is not overly tight, it is very strategic and every hole has a preferred landing area that would be hard to discern without some help. About half the course runs through the woods, and the other half is out in the open with lots of water. There is an abundance of fairway bunkers on every hole. Like many of the modern courses, the greens are perched up on mounds, so that missing a green is rather severely (in some cases too severely) penalised. But the course is still a lot of fun, and not overly expensive by the standards of the newer courses.
From Bethesda, MD