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Northwest Park Golf Course - Main Course -- Great course, slow play, nazi starters, maintenance in way
Review by: Maryland Mike Overall: Fine course, but the experience is soured by the starters, the maintenance staff and the pace of play. Potential to be a 5 star course, but it is unlikely that it will ever be better than 3 stars, there are just too many negatives. ------------------------- Positives: Long, open course, challenging because of it's length. To score here, you must hit two solid shots on every par 4 or 5, no driver/wedge here unless you drive it 300+. Very well maintained. $28 walking during the week is great. ------------------------- Negatives: Overall, the sense that you get is that the staff really doesn't want you there, that golfers are a burdeon. Maintenence crew is all over the place, typically I encounter them on a minimum of 6 holes. Instead of mowing from 18 and 9 backwards, they mow in the same direction as play, sometimes they will follow you for several holes in a row. I once had a guy on a tractor mowing the rough from 11 thru 17 (how could this happen? read 'pace of play' below). I appreciate the course condition, but scheduling the work to be golfer friendly would be very easy and would not slow them down at all. The Starters: As those who play here know, 2 of the starters have nasty attitudes and dispositions, starting the round on an unpleasant note. These two also like to play marshal, leaving the starter shack (and loads of golfers seeking a start time) in a cart to harass golfers. There are marshals, these two just don't care about stepping on coworkers toes. This is a public course and the people are going to keep coming. If staff isn't mentally equipped to deal with it, replace them with people who are. Pace Of Play: Slow, slow, slow. This course is slow and will always be slow. This is due to the volume of golfers (a ton) and it's length. From the tips it is a couple hundred of yards longer than U.S Open courses and the requirement to really hit a couple of pure ones on every par 4 or 5 is something 95% of golfers can't do, so it is group after group with someone hacking away for 10 plus shots on every 4 or 5 (pick up at double par? No way, I paid my greens fees). Expect 5 to 6 hours unless you sneak out early.
From Silver Spring

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Northwest Park Golf Course - Main Course -- Best winter course
Review by: John Ruckers This is the best course i've played in a while! The upkeep is great and I can't wait to play in the Spring!
From Easton, PA USA

Northwest Park Golf Course - Main Course -- Great!!!
Review by: Gene Lee I just played there the other day, it's great!!!
From Bethesda, MD USA