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Eagle Creek Golf Club -- Nothing Wrong With Eagle Creek
Review by: Chris Leibel I have golfed Eagle Creek many times over the past four years. The front nine holes are much different from the back nine. The front nine are wide fairways with very few obstructions and on a windy day, these holes can be as tough as any other holes in golf. Meanwhile, the back nine are just the opposite. The fairways are much more narrow and every hole except hole #13 is engulfed in trees. You must be very careful on the back nine because if you go in the trees you won't be making par on that hole. The wind is not so much a factor on the back nine but that's a plus since there is already so much to worry about. Still, it is a great course. If I had to make one complaint about this course, it is the fact that to just golf one round or even become a member the fees are a little ridiculous. It seems that most of the people who do or would like to golf there are locals and they can't afford to pay those type of fees. But again, that is my only complaint about this course. If I was asked to recommend one course to try, my answer would have to be Eagle Creek Golf Club in Willmar, Minnesota.
From Willmar, MN USA

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Minneopa Golf Club -- GREAT VALUE
Review by: Mark Allen Spangler Minneopa Golf Course has been providing golf excitement for experts and amateur alike since 1930. Although the first three holes are pretty basic, things get a bit more interesting from there on.

The 3rd hole is fun as the tree lined fairway demands a straight tee shot.

Recent work has expanded the 6th hole although the tee is a bit awkward as it sits directly in front of the tee box for the 4th hole.

The 7th hole is quite dramatic with a huge valley that asks for a straight shot onto the green. The ladies tee on this hole is also fun as it is buried in a hidden grove of sumac.

The 9th hole brings you back to the club house as a daunting, giant elm tree stares back at you from the middle of the fairway.

Greens are small and well maintained. The tree-shaded 8th hole green is the best on the course.

A tremendous value for golfers of any experience level, Minneopa is a rare treasure for a "working mans" golf course.

Best of all is the ancient clubhouse and family atmosphere of the owners. You won't find friendler people anywhere. Enjoy a beer and pet the big black lab dog that strolls in from time to time. Tracy and Kyle call it their home. You will too after you've played Minneopa.
From Mankato