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Goose Creek Golf & Country Club -- Should Be Called
Review by: Kove Michaels Smelly and unsightly. Hardly words you would expect to describe a golf course, but they fit Goose Creek. The first thing that hits you is how scrubby and unkempt this unrelentingly flat layout looks. Wind blasted, half-dead pines dot the course, and mangy, scrubby brush abounds. One hole opens up onto a field used as a display lot for an adjoining purveyor of low-end, prefab sheds. Beyond the 18th lies a homely pond, into which an elevated storm pipe spews (waste?) water. And the smell . . . . The brackish Goose Creek that lends its name to the course is often reduced to a narrow, stagnant tributary emitting a sewage-like odor. When I played, several of the ponds had algea problems, which contributed to the unhealthy odor that lingered over the place. At one point, my ball trickled into the margin of a pond, and I actually had to use my club to crack apart a black crust of dried algea to get at it. Perhaps the strangest thing of all is that the layout itself, with an abundance of dog legs winding left and right, is actually well thought out and challenging. For anyone without any aesthetic sense (or sense of smell), this could provide an enjoyable round. If they didn't charge nearly $50 to play it!
From Seattle, WA USA