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Morrisville Golf Farm -- Heaven at Snipes
Review by: Matt Just want to start out and say that my name is Matt, and I am addicted to Snipes. My friends and I have spent thousands of $ over the past few years playing the course whenever we get the chance. School has been blown off to play, along with work, or time spent with my girlfriend. There are four of us that go on a regular basis, however lately it has been just two. (Myself and Tim) Originally I had the snipes record of 51 (-3) which was set a couple of years ago. My good friend Tim just broke the record last year with a 49 (-5). I think he had 6 or 7 birdies with only one bogie. We live for this course. The landscaping is challenging with the trees, bunkers, a blind green (14th hole), and branches that hang in your way on some holes. For example: I would suggest a low runner for hole 10 due to the tree. Try to go high and it will get you every time! Lefties watch out for the tree on the 13th tee. I've seen it be a problem too many times. Don't underestimate hole number 6. This hole may look easy, however in my opinion it is the toughest green on the course whenever the flag is to the right. Hole eight's unique green shape is another challenge that will get you every time. The green is certainly the biggest left to right, however it is extremely narrow from top to bottom. Don't try the low runner on this hole. Get the ball high if you can and put some stop on it to hold the green. Out of the hundreds of times I've played snipes I still wonder about some things. Why hasn't anybody ever made a birdie on hole four when your tee shot goes near the back of the green? Why does the ball always roll fast up the hill on hole three? Why can't I beat my best round of 51? Why is 16 becoming hard lately? I love this golf course. The main reason is because you can't find anything like it anywhere in the area. I made a mistake of testing the one other pitch and putt course in the area and it wasn't even close. You cannot even compare the two of them. It was like comparing apples and oranges. I get chills whenever I tee up at the first hole and see the freshly cut grass on the first tee. Come see the beauty for yourself. I challenge you to my record of 51 or Tims of 49. After reading this you probably think that I am sick, crazy, demented, insane, bored with life, maybe even a sociopath? Who knows? I am not crazy-I just love Snipes. My name is Matt and I am addicted to Snipes.
From Levittown, PA